O’tatmo was established in June 2016 with the purpose of creating a new experience on wearable devices. Its first commercialised product, also named O’tatmo, is an interactive luminous bracelet.

What is O'tatmo?

O’tatmo is an interactive luminous bracelet equipped with several RGB LEDs. This bracelet can be worn on either the wrist or the hand. Multi-color LEDs on its body allow this bracelet to produce colors of red, green, blue, white, and yellow. A single click on its button allows changing the light color.

What makes O'tatmo unique?

The key feature of O’tatmo is that it allows the wearer to turn the light on and off by simply opening and closing her/his hand, respectively. To perform this feature, O’tatmo needs to be worn on wearer’s hand. A proximity sensor located on the palm side of the device allows measuring the distance to the fingers (patent pending). When this value is smaller than a predefined threshold (i.e., 4 cm), the light goes off. Otherwise, the bracelet shines its color.

O'tatmo let you shine

O’tatmo is programmed with four display programs: moving light, solid light, blinking light, and rainbow colors light. It is powered by popular cell button batteries CR2032. Low power components and optimized control software allow the bracelet to operate for up to 4 hours before the batteries need to be replaced.

O'tatmo Team

Huynh-Phong PHAM


Engineer, designer, and maker. Ph.D. in Humanoid Robotics, passionate about creating a new experience on wearable devices.

Pascal NGO

Chief Strategy Officer

Technology executive and serial entrepreneur. Founder of DOC4WEB and co-founder of xFast.

Daniel BUI

Business Analysis Manager

MBA, passionate about gadgets and novel applications.

We couldn't have done it without the support of:


Engineer, designer, and maker. CEO of R&P Co., Ltd., Vietnam.

Perry Wei WAN

G.M at ORICO Global/Ruike Chem, Guangdong, China.

Kinh Luan Bui

Designer, artist, and photographer.


Software engineer, passionate about gadgets and novel applications.

Tu Dinh

Industrial designer. Director at VNL Technology, Vietnam.


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