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Established in June 2016, O’tatmo® aims to deliver a new cutting-edge visual experience on Interactive LED Wearable Devices. At O’tatmo®, our mission is to provide products that act as unique catalysts for music and nightlife enthusiasts, bring them memorable night-outs at concerts, festival arenas or in nightclubs.
As a result, we have a patent pending on our first commercialized product ever created, called O’tatmo Lightband. We aim to make O’tatmo Lightband a wearable device of choice by seeking to inspire users with real-time interaction in every live event. Its leading-edge solution fuels for a stunning visual experience for both the audiences and the musical acts. Our product, when given to a big crowd, can help break the barrier between the audience and the stage, truly creating an engaging environment that will be unforgettable for the participants.
What is the O'tatmo® Lightband?
O’tatmo Lightband is by far the most unique accessory invented to enhance the ultimate concert experience. Our product is an interactive LED device incorporated with several RGB LEDs and a proximity sensor. The Lightband can be worn around the palm of the hand or even on the wrist. Our product can be branded with any logo or brand sponsor to reinforce brand awareness. Moreover, LED colors and flash patterns can be tailored to match and complement specific events or groups.
Multi-color LEDs enclosed within the leather strap allow the Lightband to produce various color in the RGB spectrum and multi flash patterns. Low power components and optimized control software allow the Lightband to operate for up to 8 hours before the batteries need to be replaced.
What makes O’tatmo® Lightband unique?
The first key feature of O’tatmo Lightband is that it allows the wearer to turn the light on and off by simply opening and closing his/her hand, respectively. To perform this feature, O’tatmo Lightband needs to be worn in the wearer’s palm. A proximity sensor is located on the palm side of the band giving the ability to measure the distance to nearby objects and fingers. When an object or finger passes the threshold of the predefined value (i.e. 4 cm) closer towards the sensor, the light goes off. Otherwise, the Lightband will illuminate.
The second key feature of O’tatmo Lightband is that it allows the wearer to change the light color with no perceivable delay by quickly double clapping his/her hands. To perform this feature, the O’tatmo Lightband needs to be worn on wearer’s palm as well.
The last feature is changing the flash pattern by a single click on the button located on the back of the hand.
O’tatmo® Lets You Shine
As of today, there are many LED bands designed specifically for concerts, music festivals and nightclubs. Some bands can be controlled by the wearer via buttons or accelerometer-based motions, while others can be remotely controlled by a computer via radio or infrared signals. However, wearers have always been looking for an easy and intuitive way to control the light of these bands.
We come to you with the O’tatmo Lightband, with which wearers can embrace their inner rainbows by deciding when the light shines, how the light shines and what colors should shine, just by moving their hands. Once the music starts and the hands are up in the air, the crowd can start creating their very own visual lighting experience by being in full control of their very own Lightbands.
Furthermore, you can reprogram your O’tatmo® Lightband
O'tatmo Lightband can be reprogrammed via a smartphone (Android, iOS, Windows phone) or a computer with internet connection.
Go here and select your flash pattern(s), create your own light color(s), customise other functionalites, then shine with your very own Lightband.
Instruction manual.

Huynh-Phong PHAM

Founder & President

Pascal NGO

Growth Strategy

Daniel BUI


Minh-Tam HUYNH

Business Strategy


IT Manager

With The Support Of:


Engineer, designer, and maker. CEO of R&P Co., Ltd., Vietnam.

Perry Wei WAN

G.M at ORICO Global/Ruike Chem, Guangdong, China.

Kinh Luan Bui

Designer, artist, and photographer.


Tu Dinh

Industrial designer. Director at VNL Technology, Vietnam.


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